How I managed to find a job with my blog

Do you want to know where and how to find work with your blog? How to carry out an active job search without having to spend hours looking through job search pages? If you are tired of sending resumes through job portals, in this article I am going to tell you my strategies and spells to find work with my blog and Linkedin Spain . Are you interested? To finish this series of 3 articles on how to succeed and look for work on LinkedIn , in this post I am going to reveal how I have enhanced my personal brand through my blog and social networks, more specifically on How I managed Linkedin, during these 8 months.

Do you want to

Know if someone has found a job with their blog or Linkedin Spain? I can tell you that, with these strategies, I have obtained several quality job proposals and finally executive email list a job in a multinational. Why am I telling you? It is not to overvalue me, but quite the opposite, it is so that you can see that I am not a marketing or social media guru, that I am a normal and ordinary person like you, who wants to share my experience in these months with you, because I think it can be Very useful for those who are starting out in this world and have many doubts if the time invested in their blog or social networks is really worth it.

How I managed know 

I have managed to find work with my blog, I would like. To start at the beginning so that you can position yourself. My main goal (like many of you) when I started in this Canada People world was to get a job. But I saw that it wasn’t easy, and that’s why I decided to stop searching and focus on being found. And this is where my blog and social networks come into play. In July it will be 9 months since I opened my blog and created. Profiles on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google +, among others. To start working and dedicating myself to my personal brand, which I heard so much about on social networks. Internet.

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