Solution that performs better every year in security tests conduct. among others by by the renown. avtest website. For a beginner user who uses the internet on an irregular basis this is a fully functional and optimal solution. However it is worth keeping in mind that windows defender is an antivirus application that focuses only on a few areas of threat protection and does not offer more advanc. options known from commercial antiviruses.  report problems with the spe. of their computerwhen microsoft defender starts scanning the disk contents or updating the virus database.

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For example in techpowerup publish. an extensive article about excessive load on pcs equipp. with intel processors. Unfortunately the microsoft antivirus itself could also malfunction after one of the updates. In april on the avcomparatives website Germany Telegram Number Data windows defender antivirus receiv. the lowest performance score failing out of tests. It cannot be deni. that the defender application is a minimalist form of virus protection. You will not see functionalities that are available in commercial antiviruses.  protection parental control antimalware support for all popular browsers password manager or vpn server support secure electronic banking.

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The detail. functions of microsoft defender are not extensive which has its advantages you do not ne. to have technical to configure this tool and are limit. only to enablingdisabling a given function or running a disk scan windows defender German Phone Number List antivirus settings in windows window with application settings windows defender in windows which antivirus should I buy for a pc with windows if you have several devices with windows in your family relying solely on the microsoft defender option may not be effective enough. the desire to configure parental control which will monitor access to select. websites and applications.

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