How will the recommend. backup tool change table of contents hide. Acronis cyber protect with additional security for end devices. What awaits acronis cyber protect users in the near future acronis backup officially changes its name to acronis cyber protect. The new name of the service is intend. to further emphasize that data backup is a pillar of cybersecurity. This is also a preview of new cyber protection features that acronis is implementing in its backup solution which will soon be available to backup users. Acronis cyber protect with additional protection of end devices acronis cyber protect is not only about data security in the form of functional backup.

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It also includes a number of security features that further increase the cyber protection of your organizations systems early detection of exploits or security in the system the system vulnerability assessment module allows you to scan USA Phone Number List machines for dangerous exploits and ensures that all install.  are up to date and safe. of security indicators that identify vulnerabilities in the it environment and endpoint devices and then provide recommendations for improving the security status of your company or devices at home. Secure backup acronis cyber protect formerly acronis backup is a data backup that can be perform.

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On devices running windows linux and macos. Acronis will also secure data from windows server and linux servers as well as files from android and ios Arabia Whatsapp Number mobile devices. Secure cloud backup data backup can be sav. in the secure acronis cloud or on local.decide whether acronis will copy the entire device or only select. directories. As a service administrator you can also specify when exactly the backup should be made and whether the data should be additionally encrypt. Backup without device limits acronis cyber protect protects any number of devices.

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