The events of.clearly confirm that both large corporations and small businesses are vulnerable. To such incidents. Get to know the areas that may be a gateway to security breaches based on the example of.interesting attacks by cybercriminals on polish companies. Table of contents hide. Data leakage or theft as a means to an end. Example of a phishing attack in krk. How to protect your company against hacker attacks in. Data leakage or theft as a means to an end on wednesday november thousands of tvp sport viewers on youtube experienced quite a surprise.

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Instead of another material with sports news the channel featured a live broadcast with elon musk in the main role encouraging investment in cryptocurrencies. The term live is of course a bit of an abuse here because it was a recording using deepfake. Technology Armenia WhatsApp Number List which is used to impersonate another most. Often known person using artificial intelligence. The aim of the campaign was to obtain donations from viewers through a fake website. That was linked in the event chat. Hacker attacks on polish companies and the example. Of youtube channels with a fake website. Cryptocurrencies was linked in the broadcast chat.

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A fake website for investing in

To make the broadcast credible the hackers changed the name and photo of the channel. To twitter and after a short time to At the same time Canada Phone Number List the fraudsters deleted all previous videos. How was a youtube channel with such a large reach hacked and taken over we emphasize. That the case concerns a profile with over half a million subscribers so any change in the name of the channel could have made this attack more credible after. All musk and tesla are wellknown internet brands. The reasons could be twofactor login fa missing. method hackers only need your account login and password.

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