Basic data address data registration confirmation  Registration form in the zapowiedzuj system. clauses how to add a calendar of visits in the reservation. System in the second stage simply add a calendar of visits and a phone num.r and email address to the customers contact. In the zapowiedzuj panel you can do it quickly and easily. The big advantage of this solution is the fact that in one window. You can indicate the scope and type of services. As well as a price list and an example time of the service visit. Thanks to this your calendar will . immediately enriched with. Appropriate time slots resulting from your working day and the type of services provided.

What you need to ensure is the right content

You can find the full list of calendar options here. A widget with a booking system for a wordpress website. Configuration of a widget with a calendar of services Japan Mobile Number Database and hours source zapowiedzuj how to start sms notifications about an upcoming visit  sending sms messages is very useful especially for busy customers who do not have time to check their email inbox. Notification about an upcoming visit also highlights your professionalism and customer care. Thanks to the zapowiedzuj booking system your text messages will . sent automatically. That will . tailored to your services.

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Configuring sms messages in the reservation

Fortunately the socalled variable elements that will retrieve the most important information about the type of the selected service the date of the visit the German Whatsapp Num.r time of the visit the employee who will perform the service if you have added them to your reservation system a simple and convenient sms template can . found in the zapowiedzuj system management panel.  system. Example of using variables in the content of an sms notification source zapowiedzuj how to add a booking calendar to a wordpress website once you have set up.

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