Example of a phishing attack in krk on october.  A mass attack on the national council of bailiffs . detected. The aim of the cyber attack . to obtain access data to the portal where bailiffs among others publish announcements of auctions of seized properties. But the pockets of people who took part in fake auctions. The thieves posted advertisements that included a false bank account number. Joining the auction. Paying a deposit resulted in money being transferred to fraudsters. Hundred bailiffs received a fake email that led to the domain komornikid. The domain . created on october.  And directed to a website pretending to be the login portal of the national council of bailiffs.

According to niebezpiecznik several

Login and passwordsent via a fake form went straight to the hackers. If the defrauded bailiff did not have active multistage verification cybercriminals could immediately log into the account. All krk members were obliged to change their login details and enable multifactor verification if they did not use it. The national bailiff council also took steps to block Austria WhatsApp Number List funds paid in fake auctions and return them to the victims.  hacker attacks in.the above cases of successful attacks on companies and institutions clearly indicate what is the weakest link in the entire puzzle.

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How to protect your company against

It is a person who as a result of social engineering activities is able to perform an activity that criminals want. Vigilance and an appropriate security policy Estonia Phone Number List in the company that emphasizes regularly changing account passwords as well as using a dual authorization application are a good start. This will reduce the risk of installing a harmful virus on your device or data leakage. However appropriate actions must also be performed within the entire organization and not only in the context of users or a specific team. One of the solutions that can help reduce the risk includes for phishing attacks there is microsoft defender for companies.

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