May get out of control and as a result our infrastructure may also be compromised. Its security may be breached. For polish critical infrastructure the charlie crp state of alarm announced by the polish prime minister is in force. How should sme companies secure their data. If we must be on guard how should companies especially small micro and mediumsized companies secure their infrastructure and data in. Is there a set of basic rights. When it comes to business security we must ask ourselves. What services or information are crucial to me and how do.

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I want to protect them we must also remember about the legal regulations applicable to our activities starting with the protection of personal data. the socalled gdpr. I always start by identifying key resources. What I mean here is both information Belarus WhatsApp Number List in any form and the systems that process it. I then perform a risk assessment for these assets. This approach allows me to find the answer to what I should really protect and what funds to invest.  out that the purchase of a specific security solution is actually unnecessary because in the event of an attack any damage to the protected asset will be negligible and the purchase cost exceeds the amount of possible penalties.

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Then there are not enough benefits from implementing protection.  fashionable solutions without first recognizing whether we need them. As for Indonesia Phone Number List companies they can often use security frameworks or standards developed for specific sectors and industries. Such guidelines are used for example in the areas of banking and telecommunications and recently also in the automotive industry. We must also remember that the regulation on the protection of personal data the socalled gdpr imposes an obligation to protect data on entities that process it.

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