Fraudsters create the content of the message based on our emotions.hence the feeling of fear or anxiety. When we receive the message pay or we will cut off the service. They also take advantage of our pity and compassion and try to involve us in fake charities and fundraisers. They can also rely on something that is natural for humans.curiosity and suggest fake news.  personal finances are of great importance.even if we are able to spend even a few thousand on a computer with the latest graphics card it would be a pity to buy antivirus software for a fraction of this price.

What about our holiday photos

What we do we download pirated software which itself may contain malicious code. Until recently many users used illegal windows distributions. And on such an insecure system we process private letters and log in to banking systems opening the way for Belize WhatsApp Number List criminals and trusting baptized software.or our childs first steps recorded on video where do we store them of course on a computers disk or maybe sometimes on two although permanently connected to one computer. Are we safe yes some people will say.I have a copy on the second disk.

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Common sense should suggest that

So let me ask you a rhetorical question.what if your computer is infected with ransomware and encrypts data on both drives there is a saying in the it world that Italy Phone Number List users are divided into two types.those who make backups and those who will start making them.  this backup should be prepared in accordance with the.rule.all data that is important to us should be stored in triplicate. Secondly the information in question should be kept on two different media. Thirdly one of the media.should be in a completely different place from the others.

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