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To take on the competition, SEO is absolutely necessary. Let’s take a closer look at different SEO methods! 1. Create SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions Your different product pages should have unique titles and meta descriptions. This is the text that appears in the search engine’s SERP when potential customers perform relevant searches. The title of the page is the first thing the search engine crawls on your page. An SEO-friendly title should be no more than 50 to 60 characters. This includes the spaces in the text., this will have a negative impact on WooCommerce SEO. Make sure you include relevant keywords in the title.

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The meta description is also important to take into account. 160 characters. This is the average number of characters that appear in search results. Make sure database the text contains keywords and is different from the title. 2. Create informative product descriptions with keywords When you start with WooCommerce SEO, it is also important to pay attention to product descriptions. These descriptions should not be overly long. is that they are SEO-friendly and contain keywords, while also being informative.


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Avoid copying the product descriptions use by the supplier. Remember that the supplier’s descriptions are often use by many similar online stores, and thus Canada People are not unique. Google prefers original content. 3. Optimizing URLs with WooCommerce SEO If you want to succee with WooCommerce and SEO, you should also ensure that the URLs are SEO-friendly. You can check how the URLs are configure in the settings. Here it is wise to make sure that permalinks are also configure. Besides permalinks, it is important to ensure SEO-friendly URLs for the product pages.

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