All the necessary tools email corporate messenger and tools that work both on a computer and online. The package allows us among others to to work on one document at the same time. This is very useful for projects involving a larger number of people.  a which I mentioned above.  teams messenger which now allows us to meet online without any obstacles and work almost in the same way as in the office. Home Office teamviewer a program that allows you to remotely connect to devices mainly a tool useful for.

There are free packages for school

It specialists and people who implement solutions for clients remotely. The program allows you to take over your computer and for example install a program or repair an error remotely.Home.Teamviewer google workspace this is googles answer to Netherlands Telegram Number Data microsoft office. This is a business version of wellknown applications such as gmail you can use your own domain the address does not end with gmail. But with the companys domain google drive with larger data space from gb to even unlimited space giving the possibility of conduct videoconferencing for up to people Homsuite an additional dose of information can be found on a website we have specially created okaje Home.

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What about the accounting department

What about the sales department how do you work with salespeople in this situation our sales departments operate based on telephone andor email contact therefore the current situation does not affect their work. They do not need Spain Phone Number List to physically meet our clients. All their work involves telephone calls videoconferencing or email correspondence.  that needs to have access to physical records the accounting department also works remotely. Initially the plan . for the girls to come to the company every few days take binders with documents.

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