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A product manager at a unicorn startup. Knowing that there are several stages he must first go through to achieve this goal, Tias plans to start his career as a software engineer after college to prepare. Tiyas also admitted that the international standard learning obtained from DTS can bring him one step closer to his dream. “To achieve my goals, I always instilled in myself that no matter how many mistakes I make, never give up and never complain. Instead, I think this mistake will allow me to grow and know how to solve problems.” In addition to viewing his mistakes as learning, Tias also believes that he must continue to learn. This is because technology is evolving every day. Therefore, as a scientific and technological talent, it is necessary to constantly equip yourself with new .

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interview that day, Tyas said, “Studying DTS is highly recommended for those who want to deepen their skills in technical areas. The courses offered by Dicoding are always at the cutting edge. Apart from this, the presence of on-site meeting facilities, discussion groups and tutors also greatly facilitates learning process.” Thanks Tyas! Good luck in creating the daily activity app you ws data crave for Muslims. For those who want to sign up, there is still a chance! Registration for DTS PROA Android and Cloud Academy Digital Talent Scholarship for Fresh Graduates 2022 – IT Support Learning Process The 2022 Fresh Graduate Academy Digital Talent Scholarship Program (DTS FGA) is a capacity-enhancing training program in the ICT field provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information, aiming to prepare Indonesian university graduates who are not yet or currently not working so that they can In the current industrial revolution, professional capabilities can compete not only locally but also .

IT support is a specialized field

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That solves problems and provides services to users. Including setting up computers for employees of certain companies, schools, or institutions. Monitoring computer systems, and debugging problems when they arise. If you have this expertise, there Technical Support Basics The ins and outs of computer networks The Operating System and You: Becoming a Power User Systems Canada People Management and IT Infrastructure Services IT security: Defending against digital crime. Participant Requirements: Tiyas’ excellence in the IT field is evident when he is assigned to complete various case studies. The teacher saw that Tias was always the first to perform his duties. Tias’s potential led to him being trusted by the school to participate in various .

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