How to write for the web: the mistakes to avoid

How to write for the web: the mistakes to avoid.  Whether they are presentations, announcements, articles, reviews . Or simply pages of a site, web texts must be written following precise rules. If you feel lost or unprepared every time you have to write something on the internet, this is the article for you. You should read it even if you write (too) in a light-heartedness.  Without asking questions that can make a difference. You probably make pretty common mistakes that compromise the effectiveness of your texts. To improve them, and win over your readers online, you just have to put a set of simple rules into practice. 1. Write right now… What?

Write right now... what?

No to the strict introduction-over-conclusion order. Sato the most important information at the top of the page. Write down the crusement of the matter immiately,  new data put the main message of the text first. Think of the readers of your blog: those who read on the internet are in a hurry.  Look at the photos when they have strong subjects, they are attract to the titles . Often the first two or three words are the only ones to be read. You are not writing a school theme, but a text that says everything already in the title.  Subtitle, abstract and incipit. I want to personalize my communication imageimage

Helping who reads

Helping who reads no to the suffocating walls of words.   to the paragraphs separat from the spaces. Do not be afraid of the blanks on the page. Canada People On the contrary, use them to achieve your goal: to promote the readability of the text. Spaces are like pauses in conversation and help readers catch their breath. Divide the thoughts into full-thread paragraphs.  So that they are understandable and complete even without the rest of the article.  Isolate the information to give it more visibility. And not only that, greater readability of content indirectly . Helps the positioning of the site in terms of seo. Come scrivere per il web: regole e consigli 

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