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 Then you have free themes or templates that are usually poorly supported. Not to mention its availability: Compatible with the language of your website Imagine that you downloaded or purchased a template when you are already half available,You will realize that it has a lot of English options – most developers are in English – and you cannot translate it into your language epic failure!!! Before choosing an option, check if it is in your language and has automatic translation.

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– Email Marketing and Automation Free and Paid Themes, which is better? At this point, if you have read all of the   special data  above, you may already know where to go when choosing a theme or template. It’s not just a matter of deciding whether to pay for free or not; some payment templates are terrible. It is about the right choice, whether it is paid or “ for money”. All in all, I tell you, if you just want a website to pass the time, you are not too serious or you are not very concerned about results and benefits,

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 I will choose free or cheap templates; in, you have quite good templates, the price is US dollars, according to the theme of your website and your purpose, they can serve you well. On the other hand, if you want to build a digital business, you should consider aspects such as the overall performance   Canada People  of the website, loading speed, readiness, etc. So a quality theme will give you better results The advantages and disadvantages of free themes and templates Although at the beginning, you should consider the overall performance,

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