Reservation system using a plugin However it is worth remembering That is why it is so important that the reservation system is at least partially automatic and notifies not only the customer but also other employees about the purchased services.  in wordpress if you have a website in wordpress you know perfectly well that you can enrich your website with any element using appropriate plugins. This also applies to booking modules that are available in the official wordpress repository. that this type of solution has its drawbacks the booking system plugin requires precise technical configuration updating the plugin is the responsibility not only of its author but also of the website owner.

Due to the multitude of responsibilities

The security of the plugin depends on the author a leaky outofdate plugin allows hacking into the website the availability of the plugin and the data collected via it who should have access to it a plugin in wordpress is still an element of the website if the website stops functioning the booking module will also be unavailable free version plugins usually Malaysia Mobile Number Database offer little more possibilities than a contact form. WordPress booking system with email and sms notifications if you run a tourist business a beauty salon a medical salon or a hairdressing salon you know perfectly well how important it is to regularly notify your customers about their upcoming visit. not everyone has time to check their calendar let alone their email inbox.

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This not only means a financial

Missing or not informing about a resignation is a common occurrence. In every third pole did not come to a previously scheduled doctors Cambodia Whatsapp Number appointment. loss for the doctor but also adversely affects the health of other patients who could benefit from another clients absence. Yet such a situation can occur in any service industry.

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