Snap layouts multiple windows on one June post update september microsoft officially announced the latest version of the operating system. Windows introduces a lot of changes while maintaining the classic and familiar way of operation. See a summary of the most important features and changes introduced by windows. Table of contents hide. Will the upgrade to windows be free. Whats new in windows summary. New start menu integrated with the cloud and microsoft account New design improved themes including better light and night compositions Windows. Widgets.  screen Snap groups and remembering application layout on multiple monitors Multiple personalized desktops.

A potential obstacle to updating on older

Teams integration with windows Windows for gamers gaming news in system Support for android. Applications. System updates smaller and more efficient than before Tablet operating system. What wont be in windows will the upgrade to windows Turkey Mobile Number Database be free one of the main questions about the new system is will windows be free microsoft has confirmed that the new version of the system will only be offered as a free upgrade to devices with windows installed. Given that windows will be available this year now is the best time to upgrade to windows if you havent already.  devices is the fact that windows has relatively high hardware requirements.

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On the amd side the situation is similar

The minimum requirements are a bit processor gb ram and gb disk space. It doesnt sound terrible but there is a catch in the processor requirements. Officially India Whatsapp Number supported will be intel processors from the th generation and above xeon processors from skylake and newer editions of intel core pentium and celeron processors.  as ryzen and up threadripper and up and epyc nd generation and up will receive official support. What if your computer has an older unsupported processor if cpu requirements are not met the system will not block the update but information will appear that the update is not recommended.

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