If you have not protect. your files with a backup application this method will not work. Examples of cloud backup applicationsacronis mobile backup on. rive dropbox icloud google drive usb debugging. When your smartphones display does not turn on connect your device to your computer using a usb cable. This way you will access the data from your phone in the file explorer and copy it to your computer. To use this method of data recovery it is necessary to prepare the smartphone in advance configuring appropriate settings.

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Transferring data using a memory card.if you do not have active usb debugging mode and you store files on a microsd card remove the card from your smartphone and insert it into your computer an adapter may be ne. or another phone. Taking your Japan Telegram Number Data smartphone to a service center.this method involves additional costs and does not always guarantee success. as the last lifeline  to touch.a way to restore files if the display works and shows among others lock screen but does not respond to your touch this may indicate a hardware problem. However in this case you can also use the following methods to restore files usb otg cable.this is an effective way to prevent the screen from responding to touch.

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A mouse or keyboard connect. to the smartphone using such a cable will allow you to navigate the phone like a desktop computer.  if you play Mexico Phone Number List games and have a bluetooth controller at hand this device will also allow you to navigate through the resources of your damag. smartphone. It wont be as convenient as a computer mouse but it may be enough to move your data to the cloud and download it to another device. Similarly to usb debugging or cloud recovery preparation is requir.bluetooth enabl. on the phone and the controller remember. in the settings.

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