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Scholarships to study. The results printed by the farmer’s daughter The eldest of four siblings, Tias grew up in a simple family. His father was a worker and farmer, while his mother was a primary businessman. Tias has been on scholarship since elementary school until now he is attending college. Tiaz’s passion for learning was always fueled by his strong desire to uplift his parents. Long before Tias was introduced to the world of technology, the information engineering major initially had no interest in IT. Tias is a mathematician and logic enthusiast, and has dreams of becoming a mathematician. However, while Thias continued his studies at the Intelligent Informatics Comprehensive Islamic Vocational School.

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Discovered” by one of his teachers. Things didn’t end there, Thias, hungry for achievement, also participated in the Student Ability Competition (LKS), which brings together comprehensive Islamic schools across Central Java. Tias, the only female competitor in this competition, won a bronze medal. As a professional high school student who continues to achieve results, Tias also has whatsapp data his own idol. He admired one of his seniors who excelled in programming and had the opportunity to participate in the Digital Talent Scholarship (DTS). Seeing that joining DTS adds to the achievements of his seniors, Tias hopes to one day be admitted to the same program. Standalone in DTS PROA Android program Tias had a hard time adjusting his schedule with DTS. Still, he tried his best and completed the existing submissions.

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 lthough I couldn’t  the submission, and the submission was rejected multiple times, I managed to be among the first 50 people to submit the assignment. I’m so happy that I got a DTS tumbler merchandise as a souvenir.” Although small, the souvenirs Tias received Canada People taught him that rejection is not directly proportional to failure. If he persists in correcting his mistakes, his efforts will bear fruit in the future. “Mistakes make us grow” After studying at DTS PROA Android, Tiyas gained more than just knowledge. He felt he had an excellent social network that connected him with technical experts like his mentor Deri. In addition, Tias received job offers from recruiters through .

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