To register entities conducting business activity in the area of excise tax entities carrying out activities tax. with excise duty and exempt from excise duty entities purchasing completely denatur. ethyl alcohol entities representing a foreign entrepreneur who purchases electricity gas and raw tobacco entities destroying excise goods unsuitable for consumption use or processing interm.iary coal entities and interm.iary gas entities. activity other than natural persons consuming excisefree aviation fuels marine fuels or lpg gas military police schools before school border guards gopr other not mention above.

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How to register in the central register of excise entities crpa registration in the central register of excise entities takes place via the tax and customs electronic services platform puesc. or register its own account in puesc.sisc id number. To submit registration the application should be sign. by the submitting France Mobile Number List entity with one of several types of electronic signatures qualifi. electronic signature check how to obtain a qualifi. esignature trust. signature check the comparison of the trust. profile and the qualifi. signature personal signature check the comparison of eid and qualifi. signature signature bas. on a customs certificate another electronic signature approv. by the minister of finance.

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Registration in crpa is made before starting a business subject to excise duty or before the first purchase of excise goods intend. for consumption exempt from excise duty. The entity is already register. in puesc should the data in crpa be updat. excise entities Thailand Whatsapp Number that have already register. in the local databases of heads of tax offices before february do not reregister in crpa. However the entitys current data must be confirm. and the crpa registration application should be supplement. with information regarding the tax authority competent for the given entity. Crpa data must be updat. by june.

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