In order for home to know that for example rafa kowalski is entitled. To a commission of pln for a specific number of g suite or offices you must register. The first step is registration then you will receive an affiliate link then you must send the affiliate link to your clients friends family whoever you want. If anyone clicks on the link you sent affiliate link and buys something on home then you receive a commission for these purchases and for the services we pay for. You must register so that we know that customers came from you.

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When you earn and send commissions do you issue a pit tax return after a year. I mean the legal form of income settlement it depends on. What legal Australia Phone Number List personality you operate under. If you run a business you issue an invoice to the company. That will pay you a commission.  commission is. If you dont have a business we also have a special path please contact. Us via chat recommend you dont have to have a business to cooperate with us. We have tested it.  a business but work with us.

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In terms of pit please refer to the netsalesmedia regulations. Exactly to point in in the case of natural persons not running a business the remuneration Brazil Whatsapp Number will not be reduced by the income tax advance. The publisher is obliged to settle tax on rental income individually. no. Ddkbfrd of the minister of finance of september income from this source of income is subject to taxation on general principles according to the progressive tax scale specified in art. Section of the personal income tax act. The taxpayer may also choose to be taxed in the form of a lump sum on recorded.

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