Over people where it is quite easy to get distracted at home our experience so far shows that a meeting for people can also be conducted quite effectively online.  is turn on the camera thanks to this they have eye contact with the participants and it is also more difficult to silently leave the meeting the second tip is to conduct meetings in such a way that each participant has his own part to present and tell this will increase focus. But I also recommend lowering your expectations in the sense that assuming that everything will work as well during remote work as during ff meetings is unrealistic and may cause unnecessary frustration on both sides.

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This is a difficult enough time for all of us so it is not worth increasing the stress level with unrealistic expectations. And some interesting facts next Qatar Telegram Number Data week we plan to do a live show with our management board for people this will be a challenge. will be able to ask questions to the management board and the management board has committed to answering all of them. This can also be a hint introduce an element to large meetings that will be interesting for most participants.

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How to deal with the problem of feeling of injustice among employees some people take advantage of childcare some have arranged l and the rest Thailand Phone Number List have to work for themselves and several other people. Some of these people as they replace others have to be in the office. At the end everyone will receive almost the same salary and some do not work and stay safely at home while others work much more and sometimes expose themselves to danger. who took childcare or sick leave did so if they have nothing to do with their children because they cant work from home thats understandable.

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