[When your boss asks you what your strengths are,

here are 3 ways to answer them in an interview!] What interview pitfalls have you stepped on?
post by Amanda
by Amanda

Jan 31, 2021 Posted at 3:43 PM
If your boss asks you during an interview, “What are your strengths?” Please avoid the following 3 ways of answering! Otherwise, your interview will be severely deducted! Let’s see if you have stepped on these interview landmines!


 Answers without personal characteristics

“I am willing to work hard!” “I am very careful and serious in my work!” “I am willing to learn everything!”

Companies you may be interested in

Are these the answers you have used before? These answers are super NG! Since the boss is paying you to come, of course he expects you to bring some El-Salvador Phone Number List value to the company, such as how to make the company make more money, etc., rather than paying you to learn! In addition, HR or bosses have to face thousands of job seekers every day. If everyone says this, they will be easily replaced!

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Exaggerating your abilities

This dishonest behavior may really Brazil Phone Number List get you hired, but there will always be a day when the truth will be revealed. When that happens, your boss will find that you are not as capable as you say you are. Not only will your impression of you be reduced, but he will also not assign you any important tasks in the future. So remember to be honest during the interview! Don’t try to be clever and end up hurting yourself!


3. Unsure of words

Although the interview process is not long, it is enough for the other party to see whether you are a confident person! So if you often use “should”, “maybe”, “usually”, etc., these are all manifestations of not being confident in your own abilities! So remember to prepare yourself before the interview, and showing your confidence is the most important thing! This will leave a good impression on the interviewer!




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