You can make perfect electronic notes without an expensive tablet!

Don’t envy the internet celebrities, just learn it yourself!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Jan 31, 2021 Posted at 4:31 PM
Contributing author: Alin

As a student or a new employee, you probably have a lot of notes to write down to help you plan your busy schedule. Have you ever seen netizens share their well-organized and beautiful electronic handwritten notes? For example, this :


I was very envious and wished

I could write such eye-catching electronic notes. However, the electronic products they usually use are high-end tablets that cost more than a thousand dollars! As a student, I can’t afford it. After some research, I found that another electronic product can also achieve a great electronic handwriting effect, and it’s much cheaper!


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The protagonist of today’s article is Brazil Phone Number List a ” graphics tablet “! Its functions are not limited to digital painting. Just connect this drawing tablet to a computer or phone, and use the note app to start recording important information.

Its price depends on the function and the operating area (area), starting from RM90, but generally not more than RM300. Considering that everyone usually has a computer or smartphone, using a drawing tablet to copy electronic notes is a very simple and affordable method.

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Below, the editor uses Microsoft

OneNote as an example to share with Australia Phone Number List you how to use a drawing tablet to start making handwritten electronic notes!

In addition to helping you make your own handwritten electronic notes, a drawing tablet also allows you to arrange your schedule in a handwritten way (tip: load an empty calendar into your electronic notebook!). In addition, it is also very helpful for online meetings . When making a presentation, you can use the handwriting function of the drawing tablet to express your point of view more clearly to the audience. In your spare time, you can also practice simple digital painting !


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