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Here are a few different fonts as an example. Think about what kind of company would use each. What field does the company operate in? What values ​​does it have? Or which topic blog is each font suitable for? brings out the atmosphere. Not every font is suitable for every use or every topic. If you are blogging about the legal issues of a small entrepreneur, you should choose a proper font to create reliability.

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A font that looks handwritten in the style of a knitting blogger fits well. What latest database kind of font supports your message? What kind of atmosphere does it create? You can use this feeling font in blog titles and, for example, in Instagram photos. Choose 2-3 different fonts for your blog: for body text and headings and, if you wish, for highlights, a font that can be more decorative. Choose a simple and readable font as the body text font. cut for online use. Sans serif fonts include e.g. Verdana and Helvetica Neue, as well as the Deansgate pictured above.,

I recommend the sans serif

 all but Kimberly are clear enough. It works, for example, in Instagram quote images and also in small amounts in blog illustrations. Here are the five biggest blogging mistakes I’ve come across recently. using and choosing fonts if you avoid these! Let’s write all texts in CAPS. Let’s choose a hard-to-read font for the body text. Headings or other important points have such a decorative font that you can’t tell. Light text is used on a dark background or there is too little contrast between the color of the background Canada People and the text. A background image is used behind the bread text. When choosing a font for your blog, keep readability in mind. ! your pages and read your content as much as possible.

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