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The color you choose will be the main color of your blog. Alongside it, choose a few additional colors to bring out the things you want and emphasize important points, such as buttons.  for creating color combinations on the internet. Here are a couple of them. https :// color . adobe . com / explore / https :// coolors . co / browser / best / 1 Increase sales and competitive advantage with a unified look of graphicsThis could be a suitable color palette for Kaisa, for example. A lighter green tone would suit her as the main color. Darker could be used as a second color if necessary.

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The accent color is the red or yellow of the palette, which he new database can use to emphasize, for example, the newsletter subscription button. The light shade of the palette can be used for the background. The rule of thumb is to use 60% of the main color, 30% of the secondary color and 10% of the highlight. This is how you use images correctly Pictures are not just decorations. They communicate in their own way and affect our subconscious. Choose the images so that they bring out your core emotion. your message even more. If you want to create, for example, joy, the pictures don’t necessarily have to show happy people.

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You can also get into the mood by choosing the subjects and colors of the pictures well. Trust your own intuition and the feeling you get from the pictures themselves. Tip: if you can’t think of what kind of images you could use, do a Pinterest search with the mood you’ve chosen. Research what kind of subjects are in the images in the search results and what colors are used most often. Make sure that the images you use have a reasonable file size. Images are one Canada People of the biggest contents that slow down the loading speed of websites. This is important for two reasons: Google values ​​pages that load quickly and ranks them higher in the search results.

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