Music or movie enter file name move Them in such quality. To increase free space go to google photos settings then select free up space and compress. Compressing photos will free up a lot of space in google photos. How to increase free space in the google cloud by optimizing gmail from now on the gb limit will also be shar. with google drive and gmail so its worth checking if you can optimize your email. By deleting old unnecessary emails with large attachments. To quickly find old emails enter the commands in the gmail search engine older_than . Older_thany gmail will search for emails older than a year or before.

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Before gmail will search for all emails with a date before . Additionally it is worth making sure to remove large unnecessary attachments from emails. the commands hasattachment larger . Largermb gmail will search for attachments with a capacity larger Russia Phone Number List than mb. If you want to find a specific type of file in a gmail attachment.  gmail will search for videos or filenamemp gmail will search for audio files you can combine the above commands to narrow down the number of results. For example if you want to find emails in your gmail that are older than year and contain an attachment larger than mb which is a music file enter the command older.

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Than hasattachment largermb filenamemp using commands in gmail you can quickly find large attachments or unnecessary emails. gmail keyboard shortcuts that will help you save time. How to increase free space in the google cloud by Cambodia Whatsapp Number optimizing google drive google drive often stores files that we no longer ne. Its worth checking isnt it high time to free up space and increase the free space among others for the google photos app. To quickly check which files in google drive take up the most space select memory full in x left drive menu. Google will display all files in order from the largest.

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