What is Google Analytics

Take steps Ability to involve prospects are decid. Paragraph titles and calls to action must be highlight to guide. Visitors’ paths and limit the bounce rate. New Call-to-action .The first and most important consideration to make is that a user who arrives on.The homepage is NOT ready to purchase, he is probably at. The beginning of his search and it is necessary to have an effective plan to accompany him along the funne. At this point, we can start with some best practices for improving your homepage. The fundamental contents.

Differ from Universal Analytics

The homepage must necessarily contain an answer to all of the following questions. What type of product or service does the wedding photo editing service company offer. Now that the user is on the site, what should they do. What problems can you solve thanks to the company website. why should you rely on the company’s solutions. The customer is at the center of the structure and texts of the company website. To make the visitor understand that they are in the right place, it is essentia. That the strategy includes: the definition of buyer persona challenges. The company’s solutions to individual problems custom elements like smart content and cta.

What is event tracking

The browsing experience To improve user experience, keep in mind.That visitors should always know where they are on the company website and how to get where. They want to go. Some quick tips for the homepage: it must be user-friendly and perfect. Even on mobile the menu must be simple and linear don’t overdo it with submenus. Presence of calls to action Calls to action are. The main elements of lead generation from the homepage of the company website. You Canada People must ensure that CTAs are provid for the different phases of the buyer’s journey: Awareness offering downloadable content to learn more about a topic consideration.

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