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Administrator, IT Technician, User Computer Specialist and many more. In this training, students will receive 5 professional courses: programming competitions. Tiyas’s participation in these competitions began to enhance Tiyas’ love for IT. Slowly, Tias began to achieve various achievements. He had the opportunity to participate in the IT-Venture technology competition organized by Sebelas Maret University. IT-Venture is part of the P!NGFEST event organized by UNS, a competition that brings together students from high schools and vocational schools in Java, Bali. Tiaz competed in the event twice and always finished in the top ten. Indonesian citizen Maximum age at time of registration is 27 D3/D4/S1 graduates or final year students in all majors, as evidenced.

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DiplomaTranscriptourse Certificate. Not currently working (Attached is a statement, accessible at Have English ability Pass Administrative Selection and Substance Testing Online Ability to provide training facilities of certain specifications upon request *Open to participants with disabilities. Potential participants with ws database disabilities can  provision of training support facilities and infrastructure. Infrastructure requirements: Participants must have internet access from a computer using Windows/Mac/Linux Participants must have a laptop or computer that meets minimum specifications: Processor: Intel Core i3 (Core i5 and above recommended) 64-bit Memory: 2GB (4GB recommended) The Digital Talent Scholarship Program is a no-cost free training scholarship.

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Android application development Continuing the discussion of design patterns in software development, this article will discuss techniques for implementing the MVVM design pattern for Android application development. MVVM is one of the design patterns that we can use in Android application development. Earlier we learned a lot starting from what design patterns are . What are Canada People their benefits, and what kind of design patterns we can apply. Maybe you are confused about the MVVM design pattern mentioned above because it has not been discussed in the previous design pattern articles. Don’t worry! We will discuss it after this. So, please read to the end! What is the MVVM design pattern? Pattern Design.

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