Learn 12 SEO myths that are not true

In the Jurassic times of Google, a practice became. Therefore, quite common: black hat SEO. It Don’t let SEO myths basically consisted of filling the site with techniques to deceive the search engine. An example was keyword spamming, the practice of. Therefore, stuffing and repeating keywords throughout the content. Blackhat SEO was responsible for the emergence of many superfluous and worthless content on the web. And for those unfamiliar with good SEO practices, optimization may look like something similar.


It is easy and fast Don't let to reach the top positions on Google

However, using SEO does not mean that your content will. Therefore, lose its value. It is possible to work on optimization company data without affecting the quality of the text. Following the example of keywords, in some cases, your keyword. Therefore, can be cited only 3 times in your content and still achieve a good result, without affecting the structure and meaning of your text. Always stay updated on SEO standards and good practices to find the balance between SEO and quality.

Content loses quality when optimized

SEO myths Yes, it is true that, in addition to the keyword, search engines consider many Canada People other. Therefore, factors to position content. Even so, this remains the center of the SEO strategy, since it is an element used by users to carry out their research and the easiest way to respond to. Therefore, their needs.

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