When we are willing to pay for information

hen we are Things have changed quite a bit since then. Although a large part still does not have easy access to knowledge, in the most developed countries everyone is as “smart” as they want to be. Through the Internet, secret data no longer exists and anyone can know practically anything that is of interest to them.

I continue to be surprised by the good reception that the When we are

hen we are I continue to be surprised by the good industry email list reception that the post about paying per consultation as a new business model for bloggers has had . There were positive responses from both the bloggers and the people who made inquiries about the possible acceptance by users. To continue specifying the idea, the question is: when are we willing to pay for information? 1. Data aggregation : market studies fall into this category as much as the creation of a simple e-book. Whenever there is great difficulty or significant time savings, aggregation can be of great value.

Summary of information : to return to the market pay for information

Summary of information : to return to the market research Canada People example, someone may be faced with hundreds of pages with dozens of tables containing a large amount of data. Getting the essential information out requires a thorough read. A summary also provides important time savings here that can be accompanied by additional analysis. A document that summarizes the essentials can be of great value in many areas.

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