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Even if the ideal situation is that you can choose how many hours you work per day. For some of us – myself included – of an efficient and productive work day. My working days are nothing but shuffling and moving papers from one pile to another. On the other hand, those who prioritize the use of time are better able to handle the tasks brought by work.  planning, implementing strategies and campaigns, analyzing results. And they stay better informed about industry trends.

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Ultimately, effective Time Management allows entrepreneurs to focus their energy on important and essential things. Identifying new data the time-consuming tasks of marketing In order to manage your time well. You must first identify the general tasks that are regular and prevent you from focusing on more important things. From a marketing perspective. The most common culprits are: checking e-mail and reading messages too much: Constantly checking e-mail and answering messages can take up a surprising amount of work time. I strongly recommend defining clear times for yourself when you check your e-mails. At other times, the email is closed. Lack of prioritization: without clear priorities, it is easy to get stuck in “not-so-important” but urgent tasks.  categorizing these tasks by importance and urgency helps. Over-reliance on manual processes: manual tasks that can be automated waste your valuable time.

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Automating repetitive marketing tasks with software and tools helps here. Vague use of social media: Sure, Some is an effective marketing tool, but it’s all too easy to fall into it indefinitely. Hands up, how many of us have decided to “just quickly check” something and suddenly realized that more than three hours have passed… (*humbly raises hand*). Here too, drawing boundaries and defining exact times helps. Some doesn’t disappear if you spend a quarter of an hour there in the morning, an hour Canada People during your coffee break and an hour in the evening. Phone notification: when the phone is on, the notifications that flash on it disturb the concentration.

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