On your website, they can access the latest product/service news and blogs. Landing pages are the best placement when there are upcoming events that you should know about seasonally. Don’t make it difficult for buyers to find exclusive deals and hot prices. Additionally, regular customers are more likely to browse for discounted “new arrivals” or “hot items” rather than spending time browsing the entire inventory for new ones.

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This will be popular with customers who visit your website looking for the exact product and they can simply find it from your online store to place an order. This saves them a lot of browsing time and improves the overall shopping experience. If you have their old transaction data, you executive data can also add features that suggest frequent purchases for them. 6. Social Media Sharing Buttons Social media is the best way to promote yourself. Research shows that nearly 20% of online purchases are made after browsing on social media sites . People tend to ask friends and family for their opinions. 

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You contact. Providing an instant helpline or support number increases customer trust. So, what else do you think should be included? Please tell us here. Of the many opinions and suggestions about which e-commerce technologies will boost online sales, only three have been proven to be effective. A recent Canada People report from Magento and Lab identified voice search. D modeling, and chatbots as the most important e-commerce trends this year.in the foreseeable future   , read on to find out. The Future of Voice Search Voice search is leading the race because most consumers, young and old, prefer to use their voice to search online rather than typing what they are searching for. even though it has.

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