Buying online is also about sharing

Buying online is also about sharing : in 2020. 58% of global holiday shoppers shar product discoveries via social platforms or took actions such as wishlisting. Sharing or tagging. It’s not just about the product. But about creating a real shopping experience : be careful. Therefore. To create sensational and customer-focus personaliz experiences.Through social mia. New items that they were not looking for actively. Influencers. Creativity. Involvement are king: the advice of the us platform is to attract the attention of buyers by creating immersive experiences with adverts in stories and tagging products .

It is important for those involv in digital marketing

It is important for those involv in digital marketing to make people feel connect by creating interactions bas on interests and new database geographical areas with the ads system and the facebook dashboard.The shopping experience goes far beyond the characteristics of a product: it is about shoppertainment .

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Entertainment link to shopping

Entertainment link to shopping. An immersive Canada People and engaging experience. Even if in the virtual world. So much so that 82% of buyers interview globally . Green light therefore for live shopping events. Games. Contests and anything creative that can be link to the sale of products/services.The role of social mia in the field of online sales is essential. Acting as a vector in presenting new products on the market

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