So they were sent down to the world even after

They were forgiven as a test for them and their children, to see who is worthy to return to heaven and be blessed with God’s love. However, Unfortunately, we have forgotten about this story. We live in the world as if we will live forever.

In Fact, if We Talk About the Afterlife. We Will Be Looked at Strangely by Others. Whereas by Realizing That There is an Afterlife. Doomsday, and Eternal. However, Life in Heaven or Hell, It Becomes an Effective. Motivation for Anyone Who Really. Wants a Productive Way of Life.

Even the Prophet SAW has taught us that a person will be asked about

Five things on the Day of Judgment: Its knowledge and how it Database is used His youth and how it was lived How’s life Free time Wealth is how it is earned and spent.

If we think about these five questions, they are all linked to productivity: Are we productive with our knowledge and use it well? However, Are we productive with our young lives by serving the community or wasting it by playing video games?

Are we productive with our money, whether it is obtained from good sources and spent properly? The focus here is the hereafter which is the driver of the balance between our roles.

It’s not just about being a productive student or worker, it’s also about being a productive parent, child, wife, husband, neighbor, citizen and Muslim.

This article is taken from the book The Productive Muslim written by Mohammed Faris


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Tags Productivity Leave Your Comment.. guest 0 COMMENTS Yes, I know this blog is boring and rarely updated. Allah says in the Qur’an: And they ask you about the spirit. However, Say: “The spirit is from the affairs of my Lord; and you are not given knowledge except a little.

Verse 85 Although God doesn’t talk much about the spirit, He explains a lot about how to empower it.

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