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 We can also think of the sidebar as part of the theme or template structure, but since it is an element that we can or do not use, I keep it secondary. The function of the theme or template is to act as a container for all the content of the website ( worthy of “ growling ”) and provide order for it. Even if you change the theme or template, the main parts of the website will remain basically the same, although there may be minor changes.

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 Aspects to consider when choosing a theme or template Since   new database  no one is inherently erudite, it is best to understand some concepts about what factors to consider to evaluate whether a theme or template is good ( such as eating fruit ) or bad ( such as smoking three packs of cigarettes per day. At least try to check things out before going all out with the whole team. Hurry.. Number of downloads and sales If you are considering installing a free theme from your repository, first check the active installation statistics.

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Although the number of installations is not always related to quality, it can be a good indicator. On the other hand, if you decide to use paid templates for a particular developer(, for example, or), they will usually put the sales data on their website.Otherly, in such markets, you will also find the latest updates on the subject, the number of sales, etc. Ratings and Number of   Canada People  Reviews In some markets and repositories, you can see ratings and reviews for topics and templates. The number of ratings on a topic, as well as the reviews and comments posted by users

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