The code above looks fine However

seeing the code, you must have imagined what the code will look like. As application development progresses, this will become very complex and potentially introduce errors. Those of us involved in development will find it difficult to maintain the complexity of the code inside. If you imagine this happening, we need to leverage data state. The data here refers not only to the information that users will search for and read, but also includes loading status, error messages, etc. Utilizing data state is very simple, we just need to create a class as a container to hold all the information as shown below.

Contribute to society by learning

 Android knowledge “You are happiest when you make your greatest contribution.” Robert F.Kennedy In the spirit of the above quote, we might agree that contributing makes our hearts full. Aprina Chintya (26), an ASN from Malang stationed in West Sumatra, is living this principle. He studies IT with great enthusiasm and contributes to his field of work. Uniquely, he came from the legal field whatsapp database and later crossed over into the information technology field. Participants in the Digital Talent Scholarship Professional Academy Android Program (DTS PROA Android) initiated by the Ministry of Communications and Information and Google hope to acquire as much knowledge as possible in order to grow into complete ASN characters. He intends to provide the best contributions and services to society in the legal field through technological .

society Aprina Chintya is an ASN

innovation. like what? Let’s take a look at the story! Learn technology to provide the best service towho works in a court office in West Sumatra. While fulfilling his civil service obligations, April continued his graduate studies in law. His career path is somewhat unique due to his educational background and legal work, but he has been interested in studying IT since several years ago. He has learned Canada People front-end before, so he is quite familiar with the world of websites. In April’s view, people working in the IT world are inspiring figures because they need to be able to quickly adapt to the pace of technology development. This inspired April’s curiosity to “crossover” into the world of technology. “Why should an ASN lawyer like me learn technology? Government agencies are competing to innovate in order to best serve their communities. 

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