The rapidly growing AEC

The rapidly growing AEC. Some people want to go to a restaurant every day , while others want to go to a restaurant once a year. Some people go on vacation in the summer , and others in the winter. Write down opposite the types of your customers , how often they shop , at what time of day and time of year. For example , you want to make cheap refrigerators. But they won t buy from you people buy a refrigerator once every years , so they will value reliability. And cheapness does not mean reliability. It s a different matter if.

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

You are selling a refrigerator for a summer residence. A refrigerator for homemade photo editing servies preparations. What is the client buying? Finally we have reach the truth of all truths. If you think that women’s logic is a jungle. Then the logic of making a purchase is a black hole. Very often , when a person makes a purchase. He does not buy what is written on the cash receipt. A BMW buyer buys prestige , a D&G buyer buys recognition , a wool hat buyer buys warmth. Write down its characteristics in the column of your product.

The Importance of Digital Strategy

On the contrary, the benefits and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat it brings. The Canada People client never buys features , the client buys benefits. The owner of an iPhone buys ideology , and the owner of Samsung buys a smartphone. And they will both be right in a dispute about whose purchase is more profitable. Test drive and continuation If you still think that a successful niche is a matter of chance , then start reading the article again. In my work, I and the entire Friend Mia team have been in hundrs of skins and know for sure what a specific audience nes.

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