Respect this date like we would respect a date

Give it 30 minutes Spend at least half an hour on the Quran every day. Not five pages, or one page or 20 minutes, but a full 30 minutes. There is discipline and beauty there when we sit down and force ourselves to read for at least 30 minutes or more.

If 30 minutes is too easy for us, then make it an hour. If an hour is still easy, then make it two hours. Uthman bin Affan RA said: “If our hearts are pure, then we will never get tired of reading the Quran” Understand what we read If a person understands Arabic, then it is easy for him to focus and understand what is being read.

However if we do not understand Arabic then we are strongly encouraged

Quran with its translation. Today, there are Whatsapp Mobile Number List many applications and online classes that allow us to learn the Arabic of the Quran. Learn the meaning of the Quran Understanding the Quran is one thing:

Learning about the meaning of the verses and the context in which they were revealed, as well as how we can apply them in our lives is something different. Try to spend 10 minutes every day to read a few pages of the famous book of tafsir. Make yourself a responsible person by promising to teach your family members or friends what you have learned.

Or halaqah at home or in a nearby surau, where we are responsible for delivering the interpretation of the Qur’an. Moreover, studying tafsir with a scholar or teacher is the best way to understand the lectures of the Qur’an and understand its application in this modern world.

Hafal al-Quran Memorizing the Quran is an honor and it is a sign of glory among Muslims. Make memorizing the Quran our personal mission, no matter how long it takes.

Many of us it is impossible to think it is too late to memorize

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However, even the memorization process is more Canada People challenging for adults than for children. Allah has assured us all in the Qur’an: And indeed! We have simplified.

It will be very difficult for us and we will probably memorize it incorrectly if there is no proper guide. Even without a teacher, it will be more difficult for us to be disciplined.

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