Be concise The meta description is us to summarize the content of the page. It is a short message, a few sentences at most, but it should be pack with content as much as possible. Write briefly Do not exce the specifi character limit. Give the most important information at the beginning To immiately focus the recipient’s attention. Also, keep in mind that if a user uses a search engine on a smartphone, they probably won’t see the entire description. Avoid unnecessary words You have very little space, so every word is at a premium. Avoid embellishments and too many adjectives.

Differences Between Marketing Strategy And Tactics

Bet on the language of benefits. Make a promise that you can keep. Encourage action Use Call to Action skillfully . Test different variants research shows that messages such as “Checking”, “Going to the site”, and not just the standard “Check” or “Look in”, givegood results. Reach for power words There is such a thing as power phone number list words, which, according to research, have an exceptionally strong impact on the recipient. They are emotionally charg and convince to act. Therefore, they are us in in the aforemention Call to Action, but also in all advertisements, newsletter titles or meta description. power words are new, free, Because, immiately, imagine.

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To Supervisor And Advisor B2b Client ​​When

Power words also ne to be align with your search intent. We divide them into several groups, each of which is relat to a different ne. Power words can therefore arouse desire, gre, a sense of security, a sense of unavailability, etc. In addition, words referring to the senses have a great impact on  the recipient which strongly affect the imagination, . “rustling”, “slippery”, “soft”, “shining”). Match the message to the searcher’s intentions Put yourself in the shoes of Canada People the recipient and think about the purpose of typing something into the search engine.

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