Is a product description ne? According to data from Google (access on May , ), as many as of buyers, when making decisions regarding a brand or seller, rely on the information contain on the website and on photos. In turn, according to the Salsify report “Cracking the Consumer Code”, of users return products they bought online if they do not match the description. Interesting, valuable and useful content will encourage the user to buy. “By the way” your site will climb up the search engine rungs. Good descriptions of products and categories will allow you to present your offer and at the same time position your website.

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In addition, if Google qualifies the content on the site as descriptions, it will understand that it is dealing with an online store. A good, creative product description is suppos to sell. Simply. The description gives you a chance to overcome any fears your  customers may have when it comes to spending money. You whatsapp mobile number list ne to dispel the doubts of the recipient and convince him that your product offers him the value he expects in a specific way. What should a good product description have? Creating product descriptions that sell is not a piece of cake or peas and carrots. Here, details matter. Below I present you the most important rules that will help you prepare effective descriptions for your online store.

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Bite into the voice of the brand The product description should reflect the tone of the brand’s communication. This, in turn, depends on what values ​​your company adheres to and what and to whom it sells., informative language, fun with a free form of expression, and sometimes even content saturat with an absurd sense Canada People of humor. Professional product descriptions are therefore bas on such fundamental questions as “What does my brand represent.

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