Billionaire and philanthropist Jeff Bezos will donate most of his fortune

He is one of the richest men in the world, but Jeff Bezos has no intention of using his immense personal fortune solely and exclusively for his own benefit and will donate a good part of it in the coming years . This was announced by the founder and former president of Amazon in an interview recently granted to CNN . Jeff Bezos’s personal assets have an estimated value of $124 billion and the American businessman wants to use that money to confront climate change and combat other political and social problems currently plaguing the world. Although it is the first time that the founder of Amazon has publicly announced his intention to part with a large part of his fortune during his lifetime for philanthropic purposes.

Jeff Bezos resigned last year from his position as CEO of Amazon

Bezos warns, in any case, that the decision to donate his fortune entails great responsibility, so he will carefully consider how he will distribute industry email list his personal assets with his partner Lauren Sánchez . “The hard part is figuring out how to do it,” emphasizes the Amazon founder. “Is not easy. Building Amazon was not easy. He required hard work and very smart teammates. And I’m discovering, and Lauren is discovering, that philanthropy is very similar. Is not easy. “It’s very difficult,” he adds. Bezos was once hit with bullets for not signing the Giving Pledge , a campaign started by Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates and Warren Buffett to encourage other billionaires to part with most of their wealth in favor of philanthropy.

Protection of the environment Bezos Earth Fund

In 2021, Bezos resigned from his position as CEO of Amazon so he could dedicate more time to philanthropy and other projects. It so happens Canada People that the announcement that Jeff Bezos will donate his personal fortune has overlapped in time with the news that Amazon will soon lay off 10,000 people to face the crisis that is looming on the horizon. , the truth is that Bezos has been participating in charitable causes for several years . Not in vain, only during the last ten years the American businessman has allocated 10,000 million dollars to the foundation dedicated.

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