The power of concentration to improve your production

The power of concentration to improve your production by Victor. Campuzano | 4 Jul 2014 |Therefore, Professional development and entrepreneurship | 10 Comments Yep. Therefore,I promised and here is my new reflection. She was already. Therefore, playing, right? This one, which is going to be small, can be summed up with an authentic truth: “the fewer things you do,Therefore, the. Better you do them.” Therefore,As. What not. always?. Therefore,Yujuuu debate. He shoots for the comments himself to see what you think …Therefore, If not, wait and see.

My “pepitos crickets”: Jobs and Berto López

During these June holidays I have. been able to finish reading a book that I started a . long time ago and that I really loved: the biography of Jobs .Therefore. I loved it because I was able to learn several super interesting top industry data things. from it: The details are much more than very important. This man became . obsessed with what the internal screws (that only technicians see) of the first Mac had to be like. These are . details that someone oriented and focused . on money would never cover but that, . Therefore,taken together, create a. Climate of excellence around the product . Therefore. I very much agree and believe that it can be extended to any area, company and product. Taking care of the smallest detail is essential .


Offering a comprehensive product can improve its quality

Another thing that I liked was Jobs’ position of . controlling both the Software, . the Hardware, the Marketing. the sales, the advertising,Therefore, Therefore,the technical service, the tools… That is, everything. This is Canada People what allowed them to launch iTunes and revolutionize the music industry with the iPod and it is what has allowed them to make theirTherefore, products really easy to use, powerful and quality.Therefore,. I also believe that this requires a great effortTherefore, but that a . product managed entirely by a . Therefore,common manager can result in an increase in its quality.

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