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As we said above, investing in organic search will have the opposite characteristics of regular advertising: takes longer to get results; requires investment in content and website improvements; requires a long-term commitment; requires ongoing dedication. In other words, if your company is not in a hurry, it will most likely rather abandon its Google Ads efforts and focus solely on SEO. However, if we were to exhaust this topic, there are situations where advertising on Google can help with SEO.

Google won’t have any direct impact

When do ads help SEO? When do ads help SEO? Before we discuss some of the possibilities, it’s worth reiterating what we’ve already said: Ads on Google won’t have any direct impact on your organic  latest database search results. However, in short, two possibilities may arise when dealing with advertising, and both contribute to SEO routines: Identifying possibilities; Indirect effects.c

By identifying possibilities, we are only talking

About simulating SEO scenarios in the short Canada People term (it depends on the long term). In short, test ads, headlines, keywords, etc. to see how users behave. It’s not the same thing as SEO, but it can bring some insights. Among indirect effects we are talking about the logic of the marketing mix. You  know when you advertise one product and your customers buy another. That’s a side effect, right? That wasn’t its main goal, but the indirect rewards eventually happened. 

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