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On your website won’t do wonders for traffic and conversions. So, to go beyond lip service, let’s explore the 10 most common reasons that keep your content marketing investments from working. 1. Lack of Public Understanding Lack of Public Understanding  There are other  This may seem cliché, but it happens. It’s that old adage: the businessman, the decision-maker, thinks he knows the consumer better than he does. In this There are other  situation, whoever runs the company doesn’t get off the pedestal and ask the people on the front lines – those who deal with customers.

Discover the channels your customers

What their concerns, pains and complaints are. And, more seriously, they don’t listen to their customers either. Ignore complaints. Or the “bad customer” rate. Don’t do that. And if it’s hard to reach your customers, take advantage of what the information age has to offer: Discover the channels your customers are on. social media? forum? blog? Searching the site? Visit new database  these channels and see what people are saying and what they are complaining about. What are the doubts, pains and anxieties? Create a connection with your product. How can he resolve these pains.

the context of digital marketin

And why hasn’t it been resolved yet? Create your Canada People  character. How old are you? gender? interest? anxiety? How will your company help? Now, start creating content. Without knowing your audience, you’ll either attract the wrong people or not attract anyone at all. 2. Unmapped Keywords Unmapped Keywords As we said, we are  discussing content marketing in the context of digital marketing. In other words, your interest is to generate material to be indexed in Google, organic search, and generate visits. 

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