Change something to boost your creativity and productivity

This post is a reflection on how a simple change in our work routine can enhance the development of our creativity and productivity. If you know me, you will know that I always start my posts by telling you something fun or, at least, relaxed and everyday. But not today, today I can’t. Today I do not feel happy after seeing what has happened in France . I can’t believe these things still happen, in these times. A real shame.

A small change in your routine

Stop for a moment to think. How many hours do you spend in front of your computer screen? How long doing the same things? Repeating very similar tasks? With the same open category email list programs? Surely, as in my case, the answer will be something like “many, more than I would like (for the same money, of course, hehehehehe)”. TRUE? And how much time do you spend on the customization options of those applications? And what about the work environment? Surely you have never done it or perhaps you did it once and you have not changed it again.

Some suggestions that you can carry out.

As I have told you before, it is not about changing your wallpaper but rather making many “small changes” to everything you use daily. Do you want some suggestions? Change the desktop background, window color Canada People and font of your Operating System. Windows, Linux and Mac (any operating system) offer different customization options. Some are themed and others simply allow you to change some colors. But the fact is that, even if it is changing the color of the windows, it is enough for that effect.

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