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Ne to use a filter. We don’t want to. We want to see ALL of the traffic sources for a given URL. Go to the Engagement > Pages and Screens report Set the primary dimension to “Page path and screen class” Search for the article Click the blue plus sign (+) to add a second dimension select “Session source/mium” add a secondary dimension to show source/mium Now you’re looking at all of the traffic from all traffic sources to that article. You can see how the article attract various amounts of traffic with various levels of

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Blog posts and their source/mium Because this is an article with an embd video I’ve add the “Event count” metric to this report and select the “video_start” event which is pre-configur for GA4 (no set up requir). That gives me b2b email list the ability to answer this follow up question: Q: Which source of traffic attracts visitors who were most likely to watch the embd video? A: Email (5.4% of visitors from email watch the video compar to just 3.9% of visitors from LinkIn) Next steps/Action items: This report should trigger content promotion ideas. If

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b2b email list

Email or social source was unexpectly low re-promote it Keep promoting the article in any channel where engagement was above average If you ne a few ideas here’s our list of 76 ways to promote an article. If you want to Canada People do deeper analysis consider. Extracting data from Google Analytics into Big Query Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) or Google Sheets. More examples of content analysis using GA4 We could add another dozen reports to this content audit. But by now you may be thinking of your own analysis. And hopefully you feel a bit more confident in your GA4 skills. Try answering these questions using Google

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