Description of Daiwa Baitcaster Spool

It may be easy to mistakenly assume that the spool for all baitcasters is the same.

In addition to the function of keeping the line on the reel, the spool also plays an important role in influencing the casting performance and ability of a reel.

Spool size, weight, depth, width and design as well as the type of rotor have a great influence on the function and potential of a reel.

And these elements will be taken into account in the creation of a reel to achieve certain desired functions.

A baitcaster designed for ultra finesse game (T3 Air), and a BC designed for heavy duty (Z2020) are two perfect examples of different baitcasters.

And the spool plays an important role in providing the functions and capabilities

Of each of the two reels.

So let’s get to know some of the different Whatsapp Mobile Number List spools in the big Daiwa family.

The information in this article was taken from Daiwa Australia by Simon Goldsmith

This spool gained attention with the release of Ryoga Shrapnel . He is Spacious, big and strong.

Rope load specifications → PE5/195m

Additional note
The Daiwa spool also has some other codes that tell us about some important features.

From the ratio of turns to the type of spool, there are many things that need to be understood and taken into account.

Below is an explanation of what is meant:

Floating Spool
Floating spool is a unique system of daiwa floats the spool freely and independently from the pinion gear shaft

Therefore the spool will rotate freely without any friction on its own bearing

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Further increasing the casting distance.

It also featured a modified brake rotor that was Canada People not found on the standard spool.

Power and high performance, but it is also difficult to handle (especially in early models) except in the hands of an experienced angler.

SV Spool
The latest magic spool from Daiwa because this spool can do anything.

SV stands for Super Versatile .

True to its name it can handle ultralight lure casting with ease, and can also handle large sized lures with no problem.

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