Methods of Constructing a Closing Paragraph

You may have written a great article.

The writing is equipped with useful information, neat, and very easy to understand by anyone.


The article feels less than perfect. Like there is ‘something’ missing.

Yes writing that is not well concluded will often detract from the entire article

How can I write the perfect cover to this topic?
How we write the opening paragraph will determine Phone Number List whether or not your article is read.

But, the closing paragraph will determine how the reader feels about your writing.

Depending on our objectives, how we end the writing will determine the overall success of the article.

Writing an introductory paragraph is difficult.

But creating a perfect and satisfying closing paragraph — That can be another mental strain on us.

Therefore, what is the method of writing a good, perfect and effective closing paragraph?

Method Repeat the Key Message
Imagine a long list type article with 30 life tips.

Are readers feeling overwhelmed? Will they remember what they read?

An easy way to write a final paragraph is to repeat your main message — that is, what you want your readers to remember.

In the following paragraph, for example, the reader is reminded that everything that happens in life must have a lesson and wisdom behind it:

A strong believer is not easily broken by tests and guesses of the game of heart and feelings

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He believes that everything that happens has a Canada People lesson that God wants to show.

Even if our hearts are not fully healed, our lives will still move on.

It’s like a badly broken leg due to an accident, it will never heal back to normal. It will still hurt when we run, but we keep running even though we have a little limp.

It doesn’t matter, learning to accept a new life requires a lot of patience. Let it be flawed. Let it be.

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