Feedback Is Also One Of The Easiest Ways To Get

5. Educate your customers
Keeping your customers in the dark won’t help your business at all. On the contrary, it will affect customer loyalty.

If your customers don’t know how your business can help them, they will look for alternatives.

Immediately, show the features of your product. Make sure that your customers know what your business can do to solve their problems.

If you sell on an online marketplace

give them all the information they need to know about your product.

By educating your customers, you will be able to reduce your support costs. And this will position your brand as trustworthy thereby helping customer loyalty.

6. Measure and optimize

However, these metrics are useless if you don’t act on them. As you discuss insights, make plans on how to improve and optimize your processes and put them into action.

7. Always upgrade
Today’s customers are used to having many options to choose from. And actually, they’re more likely to punish businesses they’ve had with bad experiences.

But you can avoid this when your database mission is to have better customer service.

Interestingly, a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review , found that satisfying customers does not build loyalty. Instead, reduce their efforts to solve problems with your product.

Make it easy for your customers to contact you


One of the customer service challenges is the lack of a unified view of the customer. This means that if your customers are happy with the help you provide through your shop messenger within Shopee, they should be equally confident that they will get the same quality of help if they contact you via Facebook messenger.

To ensure that you achieve consistency, your customer support must align with your customer journey.

Within your support team, use a single platform to streamline your communications.. And for frequently asked questions, you can also use chatbots and other visual resources.

4. Capture and exploit customer feedback
There is nothing more valuable than your customers’ honest feedback. Fortunately, online marketplaces and social media have built-in tools for gathering customer feedback.

customer’s perspective on your business. So this is a great basis for looking at where and how you can improve your customer service .

Also, the most important feedback is Canada People valid negative feedback. In fact, honest negative feedback​​is an opportunity for your business — you just need to act fast. A quick response gives unhappy customers a chance to be optimistic about your product or business.


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