How to Find a Niche for Your Online Business

Starting an online business was the single best decision I ever made. It changed my life forever, giving me the time and freedom to earn an income on my own terms. But I wasn’t an overnight success. I had to go through many iterations before finding a niche that worked for me. I tried everything from e-commerce and dropshipping, to making my own products for Etsy, to photography, and even selling kitchen knives. I finally settled on freelance writing, which quickly grew into full-service SEO and eventually led to me starting my own websites for affiliate marketing. I now run several successful online and offline businesses.

Three ways to find a niche

here are a lot of ways to find a niche for your business—but . I’ve found that these three have a low barrier to entry and provide some solid data to work with right . Off the bat. 1. Browse existing businesses . One of the easiest ways to find a niche is by browsing business sales directories like Flippa and Empire Flippers to find data on already existing businesses and industry email list see what niches they’re in. Once you create an account, you can see information like what niche the website is in, how much the monthly revenue and net profit were over the . Last 12+ months, and even some analytics data—all for free.

2. Use Google Ads data

Another method is to use the “traffic value” metric in Ahrefs’ Content Canada People Explorer to find the potential.  Value of the traffic going to sites in a given niche. Traffic value is the estimated value of the organic traffic a website receives if it were to purchase that same traffic through Google.  Ads instead of receiving it organically. The idea here is that if advertisers are paying a lot of money to appear in the search results . For these keywords, then it’s likely that the traffic from those keywords makes the site a lot of money.

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