If you’ve tried the exercises above and still can’t find a niche, don’t worry. I wrote a guide to the best niches for affiliate marketing where I researched dozens of niches to find 10 that I think are not oversaturated and have a high potential for income. We also have a list of niche site ideas with other possibilities. Here are some niches we found that you might be interested in: Vacuum cleaners Hotels with jacuzzis Ebikes

How to research and vet your niche ideas

Once you’ve found a possible niche, it’s a good idea to vet the niche to make sure it’s something you can succeed in before you commit to it. Here’s how to do that: Research traffic sources and competition In this stage, your goal is to category email list see: How much traffic your competitors get and where that traffic comes from. How difficult it may be to rank highly for keywords on Google in that niche. How much money they spend on ads.

If you find that the majority of keywords

In this instance, the majority of the keywords Sleep Foundation ranks for are above 30 and, thus, may indicate a Canada People tough niche to compete in. However, I suggest you do further keyword research before ruling a competitive niche out entirely. Now, we have one more thing to check: ad spend in Google Search. To see your competitors’ ad spend, go to the “Overview 2.0” page in Site Explorer. Sleep Foundation didn’t have any data here, so let’s look at another competitor: Sleepopolis.

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